MachoBB app available on iPhone!

Don’t open the Apple AppStore just yet, you won’t find MachoBB there! 

Come on! A dating porn app on the Apple App Store? Really? You know it is NOT possible!

Today we introduce MachoBB’s first Progressive Web App (PWA) ! PWAs are a new type of apps that can be installed on your iPhone without going throught the Apple App Store.

Not only the PWA works on your iPhone, but you can also install it on your Android Phone, your Windows Phone (are thoses still around?) and even as a Chrome app on your desktop computer! 

A PWAs is not just a link to a website, it’s a real full size apps, only 50 times lighter (less than 1 Mo, for usually 40 to 50 Mo for regular apps), that runs much faster, that auto-updates, and that can provide exactly the same features as any classic app!

Remember this name “PWA”, as you are gonna hear a lot this acronym in the coming months as they are the future of apps on our mobiles!

Our first PWA app is ready to download today on your phone! Just be aware that this is a first “beta” version and it is still missing a few features: no notifications yet and no Facebook connect. But don’t worry, theses missing feature will very soon be integrated!

Just clic on the following button or go directly to and follow the instructions: