To access MACHOBB, download the OMOLINK app

OMOLINK, the revolutionary multiservice application, is now available on the Apple Appstore and Google Play Store. In collaboration with the enterprise behind, OMOLINK ushers in a new realm of online dating options with six integrated dating services, including,,,,, and finally, !

Until now, MachoBB was not accessible on Apple’s Appstore or Google’s Play Store due to their restrictive policies regarding explicit content. However, over the past year, we have innovated to overcome this hurdle by creating a user account configuration parameter that enables the hiding or displaying of explicit content within the app. Upon registering on OMOLINK, new users will find this switch defaulted to blocked, which can be unlocked from the web.

The incorporation of MachoBB into OMOLINK brings great news for iPhone users: the ability to receive message notifications, a feature that the previous PWA app could not offer due to technical limitations. Hence, we strongly recommend iPhone users to download and experience OMOLINK.

For Android users, although the classic MachoBB direct download application will continue updating and doesn’t offer any new features with OMOLINK, we still recommend exploring OMOLINK. This novel platform combines multiple dating services and you are likely to find more options that appeal to you.

Discover the OMOLINK universe, the innovative dating app that brings together several services in one place.


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By MachoBB