Hello friends!

Today I want to communicate an important safety message. The growing popularity of MachoBB is attracting people who are trying to take advantage of the app and its users. Although we validate both the texts and the photos of all the profiles to detect any abuse, a part of these abuses is hidden in your private messages, to which we do not have access by law. So we need you to be alert at all times and report as abuse anything that you think is inappropriate.

Example 1: If someone asks for your email, they may be trying to steal your data. Never reveal your email to anyone and report them as abuse.

Example 2: We do not allow illegal substance dealing. If someone tries to sell you drugs report it as abuse.

We remind you that people who are expelled for violating any rule of this website will be denied access for life.

Thank you for reading me today and enjoy the site!

By MachoBB