MachoBB is now available directly on Apple Appstore and Google Play Store from the new multi-service app: OMOLINK.

OMOLINK is a new app created in collaboration with the company that created and distributes the app. From this app, you will be able to access 6 dating services:,,,, and finally….!

Until now, MachoBB was not distributed on Apple’s Appstore or Google’s Play Store, for the simple reason that the app includes explicit content that is not allowed by Apple and Google.

However, we have spent this past year creating a configuration setting in each user account, which shows or hides all explicit content in the app. New users registering from OMOLINK will have this switch blocked by default and will have to unlock it from the web. This Apple and Google approved mechanism is identical to the one Twitter is using to allow explicit content in its apps.

The best news for iPhone users is that MachoBB, using it from OMOLINK, now offers message notifications when the old PWA app could never do so due to technical limitations. So if you are an iPhone user, we strongly recommend you to download OMOLINK as you will gain this new feature.

For Android users, there is no new feature that the classic direct download app doesn’t already have, which we will continue to update. Still, we recommend you take a look at OMOLINK, as you’ll be able to access all those other services that I’m sure some of you will like.

OMOLINK on Google Play Store:
OMOLINK on Apple Appstore:

By MachoBB