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Many of you ask us what is MachoBB’s policy towards drugs…. We will try to give you some answers with this article.

Obviously drug dealing is completely forbidden on MachoBB. Our team of moderators deletes hundreds of dealer profiles every week. We do it as fast as we can, as soon as we detect it. However, this process being a manual job, which we cannot be doing 24 hours a day, we invite users who see a profile that we have not yet detected, to report it using the “report abuse” function, so that we can remove it as soon as possible. 

What about drug use?

The aim of this app is to create a space of freedom where everyone is at ease and everyone can openly say what they like or dislike. We live in a democracy and we don’t pretend to be anyone’s mother to give you lessons about what you do with your private lives. And therefore, we think that banning any mention of drugs in the profiles, would be very exaggerated.

That said, it is clear that we have to set some limits so that the platform does not go adrift.

You will find a list of rules related to drugs in our “code of good conduct”, which you will find in our help FAQ. You will be able to read in these rules that using emoticons or familiar expressions that indirectly refer to drugs is tolerated. In return, you will see that we completely forbid mentioning drugs by their names or initials.

We also make a special case with slam, which due to the high dangerousness of this practice, and the associated STDs, we have decided to completely ban here, in all its forms, whether you mention the word itself, or use an abbreviation or emoticon. And we invite users who are going to offer to slam by private message to report it as abuse. People who try to promote slamming on MachoBB will be banned without warning and banned from the app for life.

We work hand in hand with numerous gay groups in many countries and you will see many chemsex prevention campaigns in our advertising space. To mention just a few, we work with Stopsida, and the Carlos III institute in Spain, Chikro in Mexico, and soon with Échele Cabeza in Colombia. We regularly publish their ads in order to provide information on less dangerous drug use and psychological support to those who want to quit. And our policy will always be to make it easy for these organizations to offer their information and support services to you MachoBB users.

So you know, if you can, don’t use drugs. 

MachoBB’s code of conduct:

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