These days it has been known that in Bilbao (Bizkaia, Spain) are being investigated several murders of gay men where the killer uses dating apps to meet with their victims and cause them an intoxication with GBL/GHB to rob them later.

To prevent these events from happening again, MachoBB and the Chem-Safe project of the NGO, Energy Control, we want to give you some basic recommendations when dating strangers, since it is not risk-free and that other things, although not as extreme, can also happen.


. Contact: Get a minimum information of the person with whom you are going to meet, either a photo or a mobile number.

. Care network: Go accompanied, if the situation allows it. Otherwise, let someone you trust know so they can reach you.

. Be prepared: Carry a bottle of water to hydrate yourself and a backpack to keep it in.

. Hide or avoid carrying valuables.

. Enthusiastic consent: With unknown people there is a higher risk of other types of aggressions. We leave you this link with more information:

. If you consume G, prepare your own dose and avoid drinking from other glasses.

. Even if you do not consume substances, never lose sight of your glass to avoid someone pouring something in your drink.

. If you drink alcohol, you cannot consume G at the same time as this increases the risk of intoxication.

On the website of the Chem-Safe project of the NGO Energy Control you will find detailed information on responsible substance use with information on dosage, duration and interactions.



By MachoBB