Wanna meet now !Wanna meet now !

In the dynamic world of mobile applications, we are always looking for ways to connect more easily and quickly with others. With this goal in mind, the popular feature “I Wanna Meet Now!” has received an exciting upgrade that promises to transform the way we interact with those around us: the introduction of an interactive map.

What is “I Wanna Meet Now!”?

“I Wanna Meet Now!” is an innovative feature originally designed by Omolink, for users looking for spontaneous meetups or simply wanting to meet without lengthy planning. This functionality offers the perfect solution.

The New Upgrade: The Map

The latest update takes the “I Wanna Meet Now!” experience to a new level by introducing an interactive map. This tool allows users to visualize in real time the location of others who have also activated the feature and are looking to meet now. Thanks to this map view, you can see who is near you and ready to meet.

Privacy and Personalization with the Imprecision Feature

Understanding the importance of privacy and comfort for our users, the “I Wanna Meet Now!” feature now includes an imprecision option as part of its personalization settings. This feature allows users to blur or modify their location on the map, so they can preserve their privacy without compromising the opportunity to connect with others.

With imprecision, you have total control over how your location is displayed on the map. You can choose from a range of options, from 0 meters, meaning your location is shown accurately, to 1 kilometer, allowing for a significant distortion of your real position. This flexibility ensures that you can participate in “I Wanna Meet Now!” without the worry of revealing specific details about your location, such as your home address or street.

Additional Improvements in the Application

In addition to the map and the imprecision option, we have incorporated several improvements to enhance your experience with “I Wanna Meet Now!”:

  • Personalized Interests: You can now select and display your interests to find users with similar tastes, making encounters more meaningful and enjoyable.
  • Improved Usability: We have simplified the

user interface, making activating the “I Wanna Meet Now!” feature and navigating the map intuitive and accessible for all users, regardless of their familiarity with technology.

How Does It Work?

Using “I Wanna Meet Now!” is easier than ever. Simply activate the feature in the application, set your interests, and open the map to see who else is looking to meet in your area. From there, you can start a chat, propose a meeting point, and you’re on your way to a new adventure.


The “I Wanna Meet Now!” feature, with its new map upgrade, the imprecision option, and additional improvements in the application, represents a step forward in the way we seek connections and shared experiences in the real world. By offering a more dynamic, personalized, and user-friendly platform, we are opening doors to more authentic and memorable encounters. Try it today and discover the world of possibilities that awaits you just outside your door.

By MachoBB