Scam, Spam & Drugs dealers warning !

Hello friends!

Today I want to communicate an important safety message. The growing popularity of MachoBB is attracting people who are trying to take advantage of the app and its users. Although we validate both the texts and the photos of all the profiles to detect any abuse, a part of these abuses is hidden in your private messages, to which we do not have access by law. So we need you to be alert at all times and report as abuse anything that you think is inappropriate.

Example 1: If someone asks for your email, they may be trying to steal your data. Never reveal your email to anyone and report them as abuse.

Example 2: We do not allow illegal substance dealing. If someone tries to sell you drugs report it as abuse.

We remind you that people who are expelled for violating any rule of this website will be denied access for life.

Thank you for reading me today and enjoy the site!

San Valentine day offer

On February 14, if you become Premium or you already are, we will give you an extra bonus of 2 months to gift…

Offer valid for all Premium memberships purchased before February 14, 2019 at 23h59. To take advantage of this offer, send an email to

We will send the gift memberships by email starting on February 18th.

Become Premium without credit card using Paysafecard

You want to become a Premium user but you don’t have a credit card? Well, now you don’t need one, as you can now buy MachoBB Premium access with a Paysafecard PIN!

And what is that? It is a prepaid code that you can buy in any nearby news stand, supermarket, tabaco shops, gas stations or any shop where you would recharge your prepaid mobile phone. 

It is completely anonymous, and you can even pay it with cash without the need for a bank account or a credit card. More discreet, impossible!

Changed your mind about a message ? Cancel it !

Changed your mind about a message ? Sent a picture by mistake ? Wanna remove a phone number or an address from a conversation ? Don’t sweat it, now in MachoBB, you can “cancel messages”.

Long touch on a message (text message, photo, or even geoloc) and click on “Cancel message”. The message will be deleted from both sides or the conversation, even if your contact has already received it and even read it !

New feature : “I want to meet now”

You’re hot ? Want to meet someone right now ? How much time are your gonna waste in the apps before finding someone that is really online and who really want a date at this very moment ?

I think you all see EXACTLY what I a talking about ! right ?

In MachoBB we solve this dilema with a new feature. “I wanna meet now” is a new gallery that only show people who have pushed the button “I wanna meet now” in the last 20 minutes. That meens that all thoses guys showing up in this gallery are not only in front of their computer or on their mobile right now but that they also looking for a date at this moment !

MachoBB app available on iPhone!

Don’t open the Apple AppStore just yet, you won’t find MachoBB there! 

Come on! A dating porn app on the Apple App Store? Really? You know it is NOT possible!

Today we introduce MachoBB’s first Progressive Web App (PWA) ! PWAs are a new type of apps that can be installed on your iPhone without going throught the Apple App Store.

Not only the PWA works on your iPhone, but you can also install it on your Android Phone, your Windows Phone (are thoses still around?) and even as a Chrome app on your desktop computer! 

A PWAs is not just a link to a website, it’s a real full size apps, only 50 times lighter (less than 1 Mo, for usually 40 to 50 Mo for regular apps), that runs much faster, that auto-updates, and that can provide exactly the same features as any classic app!

Remember this name “PWA”, as you are gonna hear a lot this acronym in the coming months as they are the future of apps on our mobiles!

Our first PWA app is ready to download today on your phone! Just be aware that this is a first “beta” version and it is still missing a few features: no notifications yet and no Facebook connect. But don’t worry, theses missing feature will very soon be integrated!

Just clic on the following button or go directly to and follow the instructions: