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Official MachoBB groups

MachoBB’s general information channel: https://t.me/machobbchannel

MachoBB group in english: https://t.me/+JEfEtjzuPBJiMGE8

Grupo MachoBB en español (Latino America): https://t.me/+RUEsur7E50RfWMJQ

Grupo MachoBB en español (España): https://t.me/+s4oPt8E07iIyZDg0

Gruppo MachoBB in italiano: https://t.me/+TWUk9N_tTyI4mPuT

Groupe MachoBB en français: https://t.me/+TLkWA4uTD2vrfPTw

Grupo MachoBB em português: https://t.me/+TKK5lrEVanGuv-JR

MachoBB-Gruppe auf Deutsch: https://t.me/+Upk-Sf8QRiZhg3Do


Our partners’ groups & channels

Si quieres que tu canal de Telegram salga aqui contacta con nosotros a [email protected]

ChemSex Support – Stop Sida (Barcelona – España): https://t.me/chemsexsupport

Canal Chemsafe de Energy Control (España): https://t.me/canalchemsafe

RAW BAREBACK GROUP (English): https://t.me/+SIVKHLkkF2A3PWJ3