Our Android app is online !

The first version of MachoBB’s Android app is online !

You can download it at : https://www.machobb.com/apps.php

Don’t search for us in the Play Store, we are not there and WILL NEVER BE !

Why not ? Well because Google won’t allow your hot pictures in their Application Store. Same for Apple… We will NEVER publish an app on Apple’s AppStore !

But don’t cry yet, in a few month we will publish our first Progressive Web App (or PWA) that will be available to install on both Android phones and iPhones !

What is a PWA ? Well, to explain simply, it’s a brand new technology that allows you to install an app on your iPhone without going throught the AppStore ! Stay tuned, we will keep you informed !

MachoBB is live !

The day has arrived : MachoBB.com is live !

You can create your profile now at https://www.machobb.com

Register today and get 6 months Premium for free !

Users who have pre-registered in the last month have been sent a special coupon by email to get their 1 year Premium free gift !

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Follow us on Twitter @machobbcom and see you soon on MachoBB.com !