MachoBB will sponsor Milk Party Barcelona !

We are happy to announced that after just a few days after the gran opening that MachoBB had already attracted the attention of several Bareback party planners all around the world.

The first collaboration agreement we can announce is with the Milk Party in Barcelona.

This party organized by the group BarebackSpain and hosted by the famous gay sex-club Open Mind is a must-visit in BB’s nightlife in Barcelona !

So, starting March 3rd, and of course for their big 3rd anniversary party on May 5th, we will sort free Premium voucher to all participants of the Milk Party !

Nos vemos en Barcelona el próximo 3 de marzo !

Our Android app is online !

The first version of MachoBB’s Android app is online !

You can download it at :

Don’t search for us in the Play Store, we are not there and WILL NEVER BE !

Why not ? Well because Google won’t allow your hot pictures in their Application Store. Same for Apple… We will NEVER publish an app on Apple’s AppStore !

But don’t cry yet, in a few month we will publish our first Progressive Web App (or PWA) that will be available to install on both Android phones and iPhones !

What is a PWA ? Well, to explain simply, it’s a brand new technology that allows you to install an app on your iPhone without going throught the AppStore ! Stay tuned, we will keep you informed !

MachoBB is live !

The day has arrived : is live !

You can create your profile now at

Register today and get 6 months Premium for free !

Users who have pre-registered in the last month have been sent a special coupon by email to get their 1 year Premium free gift !

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